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D Gurira
by Peter Hapak

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I dreamed I spoke in another’s language,
I dreamed I lived in another’s skin,
I dreamed I was my own beloved,
I dreamed I was a tiger’s kin.

I dreamed that Eden lived inside me,
And when I breathed a garden came,
I dreamed I knew all of Creation,
I dreamed I knew the Creator’s name.

I dreamed—and this dream was the finest—
That all I dreamed was real and true,
And we would live in joy forever,
You in me, and me in you.

—   Clive Barker (via observando)


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Jesus i want it all

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“There are always flowers for those who want to see them.”

—   Henri Matisse (via oiseauperdu)

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“And I understand. I understand why people hold hands: I’d always thought it was about possessiveness, saying ‘This is mine’. But it’s about maintaining contact. It is about speaking without words. It is about I want you with me and don’t go.”


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….just saying.

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Stop breaking my heart Tumblr ugh 😭😭😭

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The Lotus Temple in India. Possible inspiration for Zaofu from The Legend of Korra 


The Lotus Temple in India. Possible inspiration for Zaofu from The Legend of Korra 

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Langston Hughes, “Impasse”


Langston Hughes, “Impasse”

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“The importance of Liking Yourself is a notion that fell heavily out of favor during the coptic, anti-ego frenzy of the Acid Era - but nobody guessed back then that the experiment might churn up this kind of hangover: a whole subculture of frightened illiterates with no faith in anything.”

—   Hunter S. Thompson, Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail ‘72. (via theheadlesshashasheen)

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“You can keep as quiet as you like, but one of these days somebody is going to find you.”

—   Haruki Murakami (via d0wntime)

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